Professional Plano Wedding Photographer

Professional Plano Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer in Plano, I know how important your wedding photos are to your memories of your wedding day. Weddings in Plano, Texas are a gala affair deserving professional photos that celebrate your love.

Ive been a Plano Wedding photograph for over 12 years.

My MAGNOLIA photo collection wedding package was just voted the most Couture Wedding Photographer on a budget. And that means, the jaw-dropping wedding ceremony photography that you’d expect of only an heiress’ or a celebrity wedding can be yours – and not for tens of thousands of dollars either! My wedding photography is a combination of glamor, documentary, fashion and photo-journalistic getting every angle, every emotion and celebrating your love in living color.

Remember, these are the very photos that you will turn to, every anniversary, and one day show your kids! That means perfect photos from your preparation, through your ceremony and reception, to your happily-ever-after departure! I congratulate you and wish you the warmest of blessings! Call 877-858-0071 for a free consultation.


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