Phenomenal #webinar on hosting webinars! Will we see you there? via @LeadPages

// #webinar on hosting webinars! Will we see you there?   via @LeadPagesFact: In 2015 alone, Tim Paige from LeadPages has hosted over 150 live webinars.

Why host so many webinars? Simple.

My friends at LeadPages have discovered that webinars are one of the simplest, most powerful ways to engage with your potential customers and deliver some serious value to your audience. If you're currently running your own business, or trying to sell any service or product, hosting webinars can do the same for you.

Tomorrow, Tim Paige is hosting a special one-time-only live training to show you how it's done.

You're invited to attend this live webinar free.

In tomorrow's live training. Tim will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to start hosting your very own weekly webinar for your business.

Even better, Tim will show you how to host a 1-hour webinar every week– with only two hours of work.

Here's what else you can expect from this live training …

Why Even Fortune 500 Companies Now Host Webinars: You'll see why webinars can easily become the # 1 sales mechanism for your business, and why so many business people (even at Fortune 500 companies) now host webinars to drive more sales.

How to Host a Weekly Webinar with No Extra Fees: Think you need expensive webinar software to host a webinar? Not true. You'll see how entrepreneurs (including leading podcaster John Lee Dumas) hosts webinars with no cost whatsoever.

5 Steps for Creating Webinars that Drive Sales: You'll hear Tim's personal 5-step system for creating webinars that sell your services and products. (Hint: This is based on the 150+ live trainings Tim has already hosted this year.).

This live webinar is happening tomorrow: Friday, September 11 at 1 pm Eastern (10 am Pacific).

We can't recommend this webinar enough if you're looking to boost your sales this year.

I'll see you on the webinar.


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